Thursday, January 1, 2009

Custom order cufflinks

I like a challenge sometimes. Makes me have to think and be creative!

A customer saw my treble clef jewelry and asked if I could make a pair of cufflinks with a bass clef. hhhmmm. A challenge!
I looked for some charms in brass and sterling, but the only ones I found I didn't like, so I decided I could make them myself with copper wire, and I did it!
I just melted a ball on 20g wire, bent it like I wanted , then hammered the curve flat and made a pointed end. Then I made 2 flattened copper balls to finish it.
I put them on 18g sterling squares and used sterling silver findings that I got from Iza's Supplies on Etsy.
I like the way they turned out, and the customer said they are perfect for her husband, who plays the bass.
I love it when a design actually works like it should! They were just like I saw in my mind's eye, and that doesn't happen for me very often! :)
I rang in the New Year playing Playstation games with my son Tyler. I'm such a party animal! LOL
I hope you had fun whatever you chose to do, and have fun all year!


Bonhomie Jewelry (Kirstie says......) said...

I love them, they're awesome!

Swati Nigam said...

Looks great Tammy! I'm sure the customer loved them!

Mike said...

You can mix and match your cufflinks with the treble clef or music notations cufflinks.

Mike said...

Sorry wrong link in the previous comment.

You can mix and match your cufflinks with the treble clef or music notations cufflinks.

stacie said...

Very, very cool...

Chris said...

Yay it worked out like you planned~~~that doesn't happen very often for me!

I sure hope your new year is awesome and I love your stamped bracelet in the last post...kismet font, way cool.

Barrie said...

Fantastic cuff links!! Love the ready made findings. I always end up making my own (as I never have pre-fabs on hand when I need them! LOL). I'll bet your customer just loves these!

ArcadianDreams said...

Those are awesome :)