Friday, October 23, 2009


We got an ID and I took my DIL back to the doctor in Shreveport. The drive was nerve-wracking! It rained all the way there and back, but when we got there it was STORMING! There were tornado warnings and it was bad! We had to park in the paid parking lot and walk a long way to the office. A very nice man drove by us and handed us his umbrella! I could have kissed him! It was a thoughtful and sweet thing to do. :) My son had given his umbrella to another student at college because his was stolen while they were in class, so maybe it was "pay it forward" for that.
They saw her this time and we have to go back next week for simple surgery so they can look inside with a scope. At least something is finally being done!

I have a few orders to work on today, and I need to be in the shop, so I'll make this short.

Here's my newest weird bug
I think it's a type of Sphinx moth but I'm not real sure. It looks like a jet plane to me! It was really neat, and weird!


susie said...

Thinking of your DIL and hoping all goes well. That moth does look like a little fighter jet - I am a sucker for a cool bug.

Shuku said...

I am SO glad that your DIL has finally gotten her ID and now she can be seen to for treatment! That bug? Looks -fantastic-. It's like a fantasy creature! I love it.

That poppy necklace of yours is beautiful. I want one now!

Barrie said...

Thank goodness your DIL is finally going to get some answers. Poor thing is probably scared half to death!! Keep us posted!! LOVE the jet moth - he's CUTE!!!!

Stormy said...

Glad to hear yr DIL was finally seen!
What a sweet thing that man did!
An earth Angel... :)

Will keep her in my thoughts ~ keep us informed.

That bug does look like a jet --
Very cool!

Bear Chick said...

Happy that your DIL can finally begin to get this dealt with. Wish I had a MIL like you! I'm thinking good thoughts for her.

Anonymous said...

Moths are my big fear. That is the nastiest, shivery gross moth. Yuck Tammy.

I am so pleased for your daughter in law.

Jaime said...

Wow - what a sweet thing to do (umbrella) - theres that southern hospitality I miss from when we were in Louisiana! That would NEVER happen here ( although we compete with Seattle for most rain, so thats probably why, we all NEED our umbrellas lol)

Swati said...

So happy that your DIL is being taken care of now.

Sara Thomas Designs Studio said...

I am so glad that things are moving forward for your daughter. I am thinking of you both!

Willow Branch said...

So glad DIL could finally be seen by a doc. I hope she's feeling a little better about everything.

That moth is sooo cool!! It really does look like a stealth.

Barrie said...

Just checking up on you to see how things are going!!! Hope all is well in Tammy World! :)

Melody said...

That is a weird bug. Never seen anything like it.