Monday, August 31, 2009

Almost Autumn!

Fall is in the air, and I'm so glad! I LOVE Autumn!

The trees are much prettier in their colorful clothes, the air is crisp and clean. It's just wonderful!

These are some leaves I found in my yard, and the last thing is a Persimmon that fell from the tree by my house.

I was in the shop all day, working on orders, and when I finally finished, I realized I had made a stupid mistake! I had 4 stamped stacking rings, with names on the front and dates on the back. All of the dates are off center! So tomorrow I'll make them all again. (Sigh) Never work when you're really tired! :)

Oh, here are my new favorite earrings! I made them a couple of days ago. I can't decide which ones I like the best.


Stormy said...

I love this time of year as well ~
I just hate what follows ;(
The cold kills me!

Love the earrings ~ I haven't done wire wrapping in a while.
I'm currently teaching myself to favorite thing so far, and the FIRST to not stress me out when trying over & over & ...

The Persimmon photo is gorgeous!!

Oh geez, it's after noon! I'd better get out the door ~ have a great day Tammy!

Fashionably Adorned said...

Hi Tammy~ I love the earrings, I think I like the darker best but they are both beautiful. I have tried that tech. of wire wrap but need more practice. I also love fall. The colors changing and brisk air.

Willow Branch said...

Fall is my fav too. Grrrr it is so frustrating to spend all of that time on one piece (much less more than one piece) then have to start all over from the beginning.


susie said...

Like the earrings. Also love the fall..seems like its creeping up early here in St. Louis. I used to pick persimmons every fall growing up, haven't thought about them in ages, thanks for the pics.

Chris said...

very neato leaves and quite cool earrings~ I'll bet they swing nicely while worn. LOve em!

Sara Thomas Designs Studio said...


I also LOVE fall! This time of year is so nostalgic and I find it extremely inspiring! The foods, smells, traditions, weather, COLORS and spirit of fall is beautiful. My favorite time of year is between now and New Years. I just love the changing seasons and holidays!

diane said...

Beautiful earrings Tammy! I love both of them =)